How to Unblur a Picture That Has Been Blurred

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Blurred images are annoying and if someone has a picture that has lost clarity, they would want it to be clear. There is always a way to unblur a picture by using various methods, whether caused through motion blur, defocused captures, or anything else. Here, we shall discuss several ways through which you can restore focus on your blurred image snaps.

Software Solutions

The best way to deblur an image is through specialized image enhancement software. Here are a few popular options:

Adobe Photoshop

Indeed, photoshop is an instrument with immense possibilities that allows improving images in many ways. There is also a “Sharpen” filter that enables you to specify how much sharpening is required for your picture.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

GIMP is an open-source and freely available alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Its “Sharpen” function helps improve your image if you want it sharper.

Focus Magic

This specialized software aims at fighting the picture fuzziness. Advanced algorithms for reducing motion blur or out of focus challenges.


Deconvolution is a mathematical method which, by application, yields a sharper image from a blurry one. There are software packages including Wiener deconvolution or Richardson-Lucy deconvolution. Instead, these approaches act to undo the defocus and allow to see the exact image details. Nevertheless, these approaches are based on the presumption that one is aware of a particular algorithm’s parameters.

Online Tools

There are some web-based applications providing basic image improvement functionalities in case you do not possess specialized software suite. Some of these include:

  • LunaPic: Sharping images is also easy in LunaPic. Upload your blurred picture into the software and select a sharpening option with sharpness degree you desire.
  • Fotor: One of these is Fotor, an internet-based software package for the improvement of images, with one of such functions being the sharpness enhancement of photos.

Mobile Apps

There exist various mobile applications which allow an individual to take blur photo and have it reprocessed into crisp one. Some popular apps include:

  • Snapseed: There are different image enhancements tools that are provided via snapsesed which is the software developed by google. This tool is called “Details” and it helps sharpen your photos.
  • AfterFocus: The blurring and unveiling of parts of a photo are enabled in this app selectively. It is also useful in achieving depth-of-field effects and in remedying focus problems.

Image Restoration Services

On the other hand, if the image is important enough you may have considered using a professional image restoration service. The process of unblurring and restoration is carried out by professionals with great experience in the field of graphics design and imaging science.

Manual Editing

If you are into a manual process and possess some knowledge about image editing, you can do it through tools such as “Sharpen” and “Unsharp Mask” filters available in programs like Photoshop or GIMP. This is a group of tools that maintain sharpness while maintaining image quality.

Increasing Image Resolution

In some cases, enlarging the photo can even give you a better focus. Although, this will not restore lost details, the image may look more acute. For example, the “Image Size” tool in Adobe Photoshop allows one to enlarge the dimensions and resolution of the image.

Retake the Photo

Take a picture in sharp focus without a hand shake if the out-of-focus image is not crucial to use. The best approach for clear images is avoiding blur at the source.


Final Thoughts

Absolutely, many techniques to unblur a picture exists, and the decision depends on how imperative the image is, how good you are with these things, and the resources available with you. However, professional services or manual editing can sometimes prove to be indispensable for such important and unique photos. Don’t forget to observe copyright and privacy rules when using someone??s photo images. Equipped with these approaches, you will enhance the clearness of your fuzzy pictures, having sharp photographs.

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